Last year things changed

spent a lot of time spent twisting my watch forward and back 4 hours

drumming fingers on armrests

listening to captains on overheard speakers

I was a unwilling participant


things changed

I was sent an email about the album asking for more back story

dig deeper 

it reminded me of when the guys say we need more update videos

people wanna know

and I’m picking at my cuticles

making excuses

saying David’s so handsome

let him talk about it


I was a unwilling participant

and I sent an email with the backstory

spilled my guts

ooey gooey

gory story

and they said, are you sure you wanna talk about it?

and I did.

but my watch was worn out

won’t twist / just shouts

so the guys and me

we made a plan

and I bought a 100 year old house

full of gear

important things like guitars


2 toy pianos

more kazoos than is right

a home studio

but I feel the need to write you letters.

let you know how it’s going over here

it’s hot

tell you about the shows

I see / play

the people I meet

life as a transplant / girl in music

daily inspirations

creative process

and some hero(ine) worship

The other day magic daughter woke up concerned and said

“Mom, the birds need your help.”

maybe I’m doing it for them.

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