What if there was a tongue that kept changing colors?

My inbox is a barren page of white, vacant outside of one or two unanswered emails. Close friends will tell you that I can’t stand an unchecked notification on my phone. My compulsive archiving has been a slight issue for the shared modsav and Animal Sounds Productions email accounts, leading to exasperated texts of “Jenni, that email had a PURPOSE!” I save very few things. Inside a shoebox covered in fabric I made in childhood, as a girl scout actually, (yes, I’m giving you that one) I keep a handful of photos and a few cherished artifacts.

While I don’t save my journals, I don’t exactly throw them out. I tend to start new journals in seasons, and they’re rarely a medium manufactured for that purpose. I’ll be looking for a sketch book in my desk and find find a drafted album release schedule for “Unfazed” or a random inspiration list: Bokashi composting, chicken thigh french onion soup, double headed arrows, MC5, Pablo Neruda. I found my most recent journal for $5.00 book at a tiny art supply store in Brooklyn. It was a 30 page white book designed for children designing their own storybook. The cover became a testament to the new travel watercolor set I bought in May, an abusive splattering of colors and brushstrokes. Inside I glued a paint swatch mosaic as I developed a palette for the new house. Quotes from the books I was reading. Random music video ideas. What if there was a tongue that kept changing colors? Journals are where I record brief daily inspirations in loopy experimental writing as a result of new pens. Passing thoughts messily scribbled in magic daughter’s crayons, the only writing utensil nearby. They aren’t profound, or even music related.

Inspiration isn’t alway there, and frequently deadlines won’t wait for a muse to tap me on the shoulder. Over time, I’ve come to recognize the feeling I get when my brain is sparked by something.

If you’re engaged by something, run with it. As you inhabit that place of curiosity your other art will flourish.

October inspiration list 

Currently listening: MASSEDUCTION, St.Vincent 

Produced by Jack Antonoff (Tswift, Lorde)

Favorite track: “Young Lover”

Revisiting:  Domestica by Cursive  (Dem guitar tones tho!)

Favorite Track: trick question

Project: A unicorn costume for June. I can’t wait to raid her halloween candy. If there’s interest I’ll post pics and a tutorial.

Just read: Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler

I was sick two weeks ago and read this in one sitting. Anne Tyler is best known for Breathing Lessons. Vinegar Girl is her retelling of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. For anyone who swoons when you hear: “I hate you big dumb combat boots”.

Currently Reading: SALT FAT ACID HEAT by Samin Nosrat. Fun fact: I went to culinary school. I love to cook and I’m passionate about food. Nosrat has recently been hailed as the new Julia Child. This cookbook is unpretentious and charming. I feel like I know Samin. Which means she could come over and cook me dinner, right?

Streaming: Battlestar Galactica. Is Starbuck a cylon?! No. Actually, don’t tell me.

Scents: Lemongrass with lavender. Aromatherapy has been a new part of my self care routine.

Eat this while watching the 1978 Invasion of the Body Snatchers streaming on Hulu. It’s spooky, looks beautiful, and stars a young Donald Sutherland and Jeff Goldblum.

Color: “Hex” from Urban Decay’s Vice lipstick collection. A matte, brown-based red. Wears very well for a deep red that’s not a lip-stain or crayon. There’s not a great link for this, I’ll swatch on insta.

Junk Drawer:


I’m trying out a trial print subscription to The New York Times. Reading a physical paper has become a comforting ritual. In the magazine section this morning was an article about dinner parties featuring Samin Nosrat again. Be still my heart.

Music releases.

Tape, CD, Vinyl, digital download? Do you buy music at shows or wait until you’re at home? Do you have a preferred format? Do people still buy music or do we just stream it?

Code switching.

How many tribes do you belong to?

have a restful weekend.


jenni may